August 18, 2011


So sad that a man this sexy had to be born tone deaf.


Zombie Power Rangers

June 30, 2011


God, I love Japan.

They’re Power Ranger zombies. With extra skin-chomping action.

We should bake some sort of pastry with this album cover as the design and submit it to Cake Wrecks.



Teddy G – Mother’s Waltz

June 22, 2011


Kenny G’s lesser-known younger brother.

Mom always liked him best.

Play it again for muthah!

Stop making mommy scream!

Most people don’t know this but she’s actually mummified.


Tunak Tunak Tun

June 21, 2011

Is this one of those biblical plagues that falls from the sky?

Earth, wind, water, fire––together they combine to make CAPTAIN PLANET!

Unless water doesn’t show up, at which point they combine to make a killer funk band.

This doesn’t conform to any stereotypes I have of Albanians.

Pajama dance party tonight!

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