I’m Trying So Hard

January 1, 2011


I’m trying so hard… not to eat the specimens in the lab?


All of Billy Joel’s Hits Played Simultaneously

December 7, 2010

What Hell sounds like.


Luie Luie – Touchy

September 14, 2010


He’s on iTunes, folks. Well worth the search…

Oh the romantic sounds of “Sweet and Tender Touchy.”

You can feel the hunger in his performance of “Tortilla Touchy.”

I want a “Touchy Me Here” t-shirt.

My next album will be called “Hands Off Or I’ll Sue.”


Bither Mit Herz

July 20, 2010


Send 50 bucks, or the puppy gets it.

If you piddle on the floor again, so help me, I WILL SING!

28 unforgettable melodies…

… on a 4 minute LP!

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