January 27, 2008

Q: Some of the artist music links go to an iTunes store in a different country. How do I switch to to the right country? Can I buy music from foreign iTunes stores if I live in the U.S?
A: Tis true, some of our selections hail from the lands across the pond. O how we envy thee! Ahem, anyway, basically if you want to toggle to the correct store, simply go to the tab at the bottom of the iTunes application home page and find the “My Store” logo. Then you can switch from country to country. Keep in mind, however, that you will need a credit card or gift card from the store of that country of origin to make a purchase.

Q: What spawned the idea of this site?
A: It needed to happen. This art could not be left alone and loved on. Or pooped on. However you want to interpret it. Call it a “holy calling.” Need we say more?

Q: Why do you have so much time on your hands?
A: Why are you asking this question? Don’t you need to get a job? Who wrote this?!!?

Q: Do you have plans for world domination?
A: Who doesn’t?

Q: Has this endeavor in any way caused an epiphany?
A: We now realize that if life imitated this kind of art, we would be screaming “zee plane! zee plane!” because we just landed on Fantasy Island. White coats and all. Dude, Neverland Ranch ain’t got nothing on this.

Q: What are these people thinking?
A: Heck if we know.

Q: I’ve got some awesome album cover/music videos/songs you guys just gotta check out. Wanna seem them? How do I get them to you??
A: Aw YEAH we wanna see them! We’ll even give ya credit on the site for informing us of such awesomeness. We’ll be putting up a link/address soon where you can pass along tasty treats to be posted up on Regrettable Music.

Q: I’ve got the most HEINOUS album cover/music videos/songs, filled with appalling gore/nudity/cuss words. Wanna check them out??
A: Uh, not particularly. I mean, some of the stuff we’ve run across is unbelievably shocking, but more disturbing than funny. Even then, the last thing we want is for you to not be able to check out Regrettable Music at work out of fear that your boss might be looking over your shoulder, or to have to cover Little Timmy’s eyes when he catches you browsing the site on the weekends.

Karyn Says:

I dunno, that tinfoil bra was pretty obscene. What exactly are your standards anyway?

Staci Allard Says:

I’m looking for guys who want to write me.

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yo Says:

I feel almost bad linking this to you guys…but no joke it sucks and is mock worthy (but I feel bad for these asian girls pretending to be hip hop, or whatever their interpretation of american music is)

Wallache Rohal Says:

I dunno, that tinfoil bra was pretty obscene. What exactly are your standards anyway?

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