December 13, 2009

Knockin' - NuCulture

Knockin’? Leave the door shut!

No one’s home!

Of all the places to do a photo shoot, she picked the dumpster behind McDonalds.


At least the sun is shining.


Oh Romeo! – This is Why We’re Here

December 10, 2009

Oh Romeo - This is why we're here

The all new Bison Bra — now with 2 ton capacity!

This is why we’re here???

Oh, we’re in trouble…

If that’s Romeo, I’m scared to see Juliet!

Button up! I don’t need to see Bambi cleavage!


Twee Emmertejes Water Halen, w/ Soopa Poopa!

December 7, 2009

Twee Emmertjes Water Halen

And now for something completely different!

Pin the tail on the… uhhh… nevermind.

Afros, naked butts and aggies! My favorite!

Don’t forget the feather boa.

Animal husbandry at its best!

I want a divorce.


The Richie Family

December 4, 2009

The Ritchie Family

I have a feeling some of them were adopted.

These guys would dominate the Village People in a cage match! That chick has both a dog AND a man on a leash.

It could only be disco. Just look at it.

Not enough cows died to bring us the clothing for this album cover.

That dog is thinking, ‘I hate my life. All I ever wanted to do was work in a junk yard. I can’t get the smell of baby oil out of my fur no matter what kind of poop I roll in.’

… and now he’s a ‘hunk-yard’ dog.

Are they all going to fit on that bike?