Jimmy Jenson: Understand Your’e Swede

February 6, 2008

Jimmy Jenson: Understand Your’e Swede

Apparently birth control in Sweden is a bag of chloroform rags and a hatchet.

“Daddy had a rough day at the office kids – run like hell!”


El Topo: Shades of Joy (And Cannibalism?)


Music of El Topo: Shades of Joy

Author of four hundred manifestos and counting.

He failed his audition for the film role of John the Baptist despite biting another actor’s ear. (That almost got him the job though.)

Does he use Brite Smile?

Does he use methamphetamines?


Larz Kristerz: Stuffparty 1

February 5, 2008

Larz Kristerz: Stuffparty 1

Many small animals died to bring us these hairpieces.

There’s a party in their hair and everyone’s invited!

I really doubt that guy on the right is a natural platinum blond!

I really doubt that guy in the back left is a man!

I just have doubts…

Hey, I own that shirt! I bought it at The Wasteland in San Francisco along with a pair of plum colored polyester high risers! My don’t they ride up something fierce.

I have to ask, does the shirt still smell like Larz?


Michael Bolton


Michael Bolton

The name says it all.

I celebrate the man’s entire catalog.

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