Ted Nugent: Nightmares of the Nuge

January 29, 2008

Ted Nugent: Dream Scream

Check out the musical selection from this album.

He’s the Tarzan of rock n’ roll!

Thank God for loin clothes.


Living With Lesbians

January 28, 2008

Alix Dobkin - Living With Lesbians: Featuring the Lesbian Power Authority

At first I thought those white things were the piled skulls of men.


Christian Crusaders


Christian Crusaders With Al Davis

No wonder the militant Muslim world hates and fears America!

Crusading to spread the gospel of mutton chops to the world!

“Just win, baby!” –Al Davis Al Davis


Dan Bitzer & Louie Tell Bible Classics, Vol. III

January 27, 2008

Dan Bitzer and Louie - Tell the Bible Classics Vol. III

Where’s the burning bush? I want to throw the puppet in it.

Are those sheep back there?

Poor sheep! Thy rod and thy staff… they frighten me!

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