Pretty Donkey Girl

December 28, 2007

Pretty Donkey Girl

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I’ll bet this chick could pull even Eeyore out of his depression.

No way. She probably broke is heart when she dumped him for Joe Camel. I just can’t believe this is marketed to children. I mean, hello, the donkey has breasts and is wearing a skanky tank top!

…to which Darren, the married member of the group, comments:

It’s a tube top, not a tank top. Come on, boys.

What does PETA think about this?

Questionably “pretty”, questionably “donkey”… questionably “music.”

This is why my kids will only be allowed to listen to classical music.


How to Overcome Discouragement


How to Overcome Discouragement

Step 1: Don’t listen to this album.

Amen! I would rather watch a Pee Wee movie.

I think this dude just listened to the balloon lady.

By J. Marten Rohe, author, publisher, psychologist, mass murderer.

You don’t think he’s still around…. do you?

As for me, I would start by turning on a light. It’s too dark in there! Hello?!


The Mother of Balloon Music

December 18, 2007

Judy Dunaway - Mother of Balloon Music

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This music sounds like a nine minute fart accelerated into chipmunk-time.

Only small animals can hear this––and they’re crying!

This is payback for all those times her parents told her to “quit it with the balloon!!!!”

Yeah, she was disinherited by her parents at a tender young age.

This song reminds me of the scene where Jason stabs all those dumbass kids.

While listening to this track, Ian screams:

What the…. NAAAAAAZGÜL! The Dark Lord approacheth!


Armand: Holland’s Glorie

August 20, 2007


Check out the musical selection from this album.

80 kroners for this CRAP?

Yeah, or 10 euros in the Netherlands store.

Next time my girlfriend comes over for some smoochin’, this is definitely going to be playing low…

This guy is channeling Shatner.

Some languages were never meant to be sung… I’m sorry to say that Armand has discovered one of them.

“The Best of Armand” collection has a track called “Das ist juist de pest”.

This man must be a GOD in Holland. His hair rivals Hasselhoff.

“Hollands glorie”? I’d hate to see their military!

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