Madre Gonna Knock You Out

August 18, 2007

J-Zone - Music for Tu Madre

It’s interesting to note that she must be left handed, because she has a baseball bat within easy reach on that side.

Man, J-Lo’s mom is hardcore. No wonder Ben Afleck dumped her.

She’s batting 1.000.

Has anyone even tasted St. Ides?

Actually, it turns out that St. Ides comes in a whole bunch of fruit flavors. Don’t ask how I know this…

I love you, Mom.


Let Me Touch Him


Let Me Touch Him


Only wearing gloves.

…rubber gloves.

Matching gray polyester suits: $29.99. Matching horn-rim glasses: $12.05. Forty-five years in prison: priceless.

“Charcoal gray” rules.

But they look so happy!

I have a dirty mind and I’m just going to keep my mouth shut on this one.



This Boat Don’t Float


Boat Diddley

Check out the musical selection from this album.

Boat Diddley? Is that a play on words?

I think I saw him on Bassmasters last week.

The scary part is that the “2006” in the album title dates this accurately within the past half-century. This was straight-up designed in Microsoft Word.

Battle for the bayou: Swamp Dogg vs. Boat Diddley.

Yeah, winner rides away on a huge white rat.

Was he a guest referee in Bud Bowl V?

The greatest tragedy in this man’s life was when they shut the Dairy Queen. He even wrote a song about it.

… listening to the Dairy Queen song …

“Hot fudge judgement… and soft whispers”? All I know is that it takes a lot of “hot fudge judgement” to build a body like that.

This a proud headliner in our “Southern Comfort” category for a REASON! Where else would someone write a love song to the Dairy Queen?


Trees Talk Too

August 17, 2007

Geraldine and Ricky

Good LORD! She is the new puppet master.

I don’t think even Chucky would want to play with little Ricky.

This stuff is just spooky.

Judge, I swear, I didn’t kill him… it was LITTLE RICKY!

The happy couple on their honeymoon in Jamaica.

I saw Ricky perform on the MOTOCROSS last week… and he was BADASS! (Queue Elvis entry music, animated flashing neon signs of RICKY!)

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