The Gambler

February 8, 2012


That suit is a bad bet.

That looks like a whalebone corset… made out of denim.

Kenny knows when to hold ‘em, fold ‘em, and burn ‘em.

This explains the chest hairs I found in my Kenny Rogers Roasters.

What a beard, what a man.


Señor Wences

January 29, 2012


Ahhh, forbidden love!

… even forbidden in Mexico.

The only performer to french-kiss his own puppets on live TV.

Wanted in 14 states for crimes against puppeteering.



January 24, 2012


He and Edward Scissor Hands

Hun Love.

If he’s looking for love, I think he qualifies as ‘all the wrong places.’

He cuts his own hair!


The Armageddon Singers

January 15, 2012



I can hear their pickup lines now – ‘But honey, what if this is the last night on earth!?’

I like how they’re singing in a graveyard.

I always knew the apocalypse would be ushered in with two guitars and a banjo.

Number one requested cover song – ‘This Is The End’ by The Doors.

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