Dreamin’ of Love

November 15, 2010


Is he holding an iguana tail??

Keep dreamin’… it might be a while.

Do we know this artist?

No, and let’s keep it that way.



November 14, 2010


The guy on the left appears to be passing a “beper” right now.

Don’t be downwind!


Getting Down To Business

November 13, 2010


Oh, I love Charades! Wait, is he a gay Chuck Norris impersonator in an off-broadway production of Saturday Night Fever??

Here’s a quarter Gary, call someone who cares

I’ll throw in a buck if it will go towards his bus ticket back to the Land of Too Tight Pants.


Quim Barreiros

November 10, 2010


I always wondered why my mom said to never touch an accordion without first disinfecting it with bleach. Well know I know.

Slowly after Quim started playing, the clothes mysteriously disintegrated.

This is not the way to impress the future in-laws.

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