Dottie Jein

September 29, 2010


Twice convicted. Never sentenced.

I hid that locket in a cake to get her out of jail. My love!

Wait, does that say, “Dottie Jim”?


Yakety Saki Man



Oh this isn’t racist AT ALL.

Is he Oriental?

No, he’s just really constipated.


Vasile Zidaru

September 24, 2010


Another fine entrant in the ‘Romance Gone Bad’ category here at Regrettable Music.

Petreti cu VASILICA translates as: “Songs for the slaughter of sheep.”

Mmmm, you gonna eat that?

Lamb sashimi!

This is #4 on the charts in Albania.

The sheep sang the #1 hit of 2007.


Luie Luie – Touchy

September 14, 2010


He’s on iTunes, folks. Well worth the search…

Oh the romantic sounds of “Sweet and Tender Touchy.”

You can feel the hunger in his performance of “Tortilla Touchy.”

I want a “Touchy Me Here” t-shirt.

My next album will be called “Hands Off Or I’ll Sue.”

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