Le Piano Diabolique

September 2, 2010


Post-apocalyptic piano etudes.

Music for horny frenchmen.

It’s all gonna burn.

Way to go, devil! You show that upright who’s boss.


Bengt Hedins

August 28, 2010


The women in this band sure need a shave.

She’s quite a philly!

I don’t know… the one the left looks like a gelding to me!


The Friendly Giant

August 24, 2010


Eat the townspeople. DO IT.

Don’t forget the Beano.

Hans gets off on creating miniature towns and then destroying them.


Los Pequeños Gigantes

August 22, 2010


Eat your vegetables, kids, or a little man with an accordion will visit you in your sleep.

And be sure to check under your bed. Their bites are vicious.

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