Dvořák – The Water Goblin

June 24, 2010


Avatar FAIL.

At least the plot is original.

Straight from the set of Original Star Trek Episode 23. At least Kirk is unlikely to mate with this alien.

C’mon…. how much Star Trek did you watch? Kirk isn’t picky. I’m sure he’s down with balding green witches/goblins.



June 21, 2010


Look at me! I’m a real boy!

That’s right after they drank the Kool-Aid.

This love needs another coat of paint.

But I AM a real boy?!?


Dee D. Jackson – Automatic Lover

June 18, 2010

That robot is carrying their love child in that steely baby björn.

This is the worst of the ‘70s AND the ‘80s!


Tex Williams – Smoke Smoke Smoke

June 16, 2010


Nothing says patriotism like lung cancer!

He’ll be ok––they have one-third less tar!

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